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The four key direction areas MCN have identified are:

Representation: To represent the views and goals of the maternity consumers we represent. 

Partnerships: To build collaborative partnerships.

Communication: To share information with all maternity consumers.

Advocacy: To advocate for maternity reform as per the NMSP. 




- Engage with grassroots maternity consumers, organisations

and communities across Australia using variety of mediums (social media, newsletter, face to face meetings, surveys) to identify needs and interests.

- Undertake clear two-way communication to ensure the diverse needs of maternity consumers are communicated.

- Ongoing advocacy and lobbying with government /

Organizations to promote the needs and interests of Maternity Consumers and implementation of the NMSP.

- Facilitate knowledge sharing to/from maternity consumers.

- Identify maternity consumer training needs.

- Provide opportunities to build skills.

- Work collaboratively to establish and maintain partnerships with organisations and individuals who support our vision.

-Ensure information and knowledge is shared with

partners e.g. newsletters, social media, minutes.

-Work jointly on partnership events and activities e.g.

training, forums and projects.

- Develop training programs / campaigns for MCN members.

- Provide opportunities to expand MCN members skills and engagement in local, state and federal maternity reform. 

- Ensure traditional communication media is utilised to ensure inclusive sharing to all MCN members.

- have MCN Consumer Representatives at face to face events, conferences etc. - Ensure social media communication and website is user friendly. 

-Ensure acronyms are defined.

-create 2-way discussions relating to

MCN member issues.

-proactively submit submissions and

provide comment on local, state and national emerging issues.

- national advocacy voice

for Maternity Consumers.

-survey MCN members to identify relevant concerns within the NMSP. 



- Identify campaign priorities for consumers, and the NMSP

-Develop suitable advocacy resources and templates for MCN members.

- Support and educate MCN members with campaigns.

- Evaluate effectiveness of campaigns and maintain support across the consumer network. 

AGM Minutes

Dec. 2016

AGM 2022 

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