Y is a crooked letter and Z is no better

This is something my Grandmother would say to me when I asked her “Why?” “Why, why, why?” I guess it was to dissuade me from asking more questions or “why” again, so, comically, it was the first thing that came to mind when I asked myself why? Why did I volunteer to write this blog? What have I done? Not only have I never written a blog before, but I am still pretty green when it comes to this advocacy gig.

Being a Type A personality, I immediately started to google things like “how to write a great blog” and “how long should a blog be?” buuuut, also being a Mum of two young kids, I soon got interrupted and that was the end of that. Weeks passed and I still hadn’t put pen to paper, and each time I thought about it, I would second-guess myself. And then it occurred to me, probably while changing a nappy or doing the dishes (you can see I am not one for mindfulness), that it’s likely that a lot of other people also want know why. Why do we do what we do? Why advocacy?

The definition of advocacy is “active support of a cause or course of action”. But this doesn’t explain why. Or how. The “how” of advocacy is a recipe that goes something like this: start with passion and then add drive and dedication to make a change. Chuck in some fundraisers, surveys, meetings, rallies, political lobbying and Facebook updates and A LOT of volunteer hours and you have your “how to advocate” stew.

The “why” is more complex than that, but can be surmised in one sentence. We believe that better outcomes for mothers and babies means better outcomes for the whole community. But this then leads to more questions. What defines better outcomes? How are these outcomes to be achieved? And how do we know if they are? And all of a sudden I have my direction for this blog.

Next blog: Birth Outcomes – What are they and how can they be improved?

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A stay at home Mum of two beautiful girls and Step-mum to a third, I became involved with the Maternity Consumer Network because I want to ensure my Daughters are able to feel safe and supported and have choices when they are bringing their babies into this world. I was lucky enough to be able to choose by maternity care provider and I believe that everyone should have this privilege. My background is Administration and Project Management, but my passion lies in Women's rights, natural health and helping others.

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