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Australia's first consent training for maternity health professionals. 

Current bookings:

Toowoomba: 6th May

Online for Doulas: 16th July

Gold Coast: 20th July

Townsville: 21st Nov

Cairns: 23rd Jan

Mackay: 25th Nov

South Brisbane: 30th Jan

Harvey Bay: 25th March 

Bundaberg: 25th March 

Toowoomba: 24th March 

If you're interested in the bringing the training to your maternity service, email us. 

If you're a maternal health professional who would like to complete a pre-recorded training of the Better Births with Consent workshop, click below: 
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Better Births With Consent is a three-hour workshop for healthcare professionals working with women and families during pregnancy, birth or postpartum. The topic of consent – and informed consent, a fundamental human right – is put under the microscope within the framework of Australia’s maternity care system.
This workshop gives maternity care providers the most up-to-date information on the laws and human rights that govern their practice, increases professional knowledge about consent, and aims to reduce birth trauma.
Better Births With Consent covers:
 Respectful maternity care
 The legal requirements of informed consent
 Shared decision making
 Caring for women who decline recommended maternity care
 Increasing women’s wellbeing and safety by reducing birth trauma and obstetric violence











Bashi, Alecia and Heather combine to provide insight into how placing women and their human rights at the centre of their birth experience has long-lasting, positive effects for women, families and care providers.

Professional development for obstetricians, midwives and other maternity care
Better Births With Consent is must-have professional development for anyone working in maternity care – whether you’re an obstetrician, midwife or in medical leadership, this training will provide a new perspective on the care you provide; and women’s experiences of that care.

“I feel much better in supporting women in their choices…”

"This is an excellent workshop fully underpinned by research.  I have recommended this workshop across 2 hospitals."


presenters .jpg
L to R:
Dr Heather Matter
Perinatal Psychologist and midwife
Alecia Staines
Consumer representative
Maternity Consumer Network
Bashi Hazard
Human Rights in Childbirth
These resources were created with sponsorshop from the Queensland Government, an Advancing
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