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Our Work

The Maternity Consumer Network has been working on various information sheets, guidelines and packages for consumers to help them navigate and understand the maternity care system

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The Maternity Consumer's Informed Consent Manual

This informed consent manual was created by maternity consumers with extensive experience in birth advocacy and navigating maternity care complaint processes. This manual is based on Australian and Human Rights Law. This manual contains:

  •  What is informed consent

  • Your rights to bodily autonomy

  • Strategies for decision making

  • Understanding obstetric violence

  • How birth support can utilize by-stander intervention to deal with obstetric violence

  • How to navigate and understand complaint processes

Cost $10

Please email us for a copy. 


Navigating Motherhood under Obstetric Adversity

Obstetric Violence does not end at birth but is on a continuum. This mini-manual was created to help women navigate medical mistreatment  on the post-partum ward, in NICU or Special Care Nursery as well as deal with vexatious child protection reports. To be released early 2024

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