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The Network 

The Maternity Consumer Network is a national membership organization of maternity consumers, representatives, community organisations and statutory bodies, who are interested in impoving maternity care- a voice for all. It’s non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian consumer network, and provides support in maternity services, information sharing, strategic direction for campaigns and Maternity Consumer Representative Training.  

Maternity Consumer Network believes in the importance of maternity consumers uniting their efforts, sharing skills to achieve beneficial and lasting changes in maternity services.  Maternity consumers are people who use, or are potential users, of maternity  services.


The Vision

The MCN will work to support and grow a vibrant network of maternity consumers, to maintain the advocacy for effective implementation of the Maternity Services Action Plan and every family having a known midwife for pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.



The Values

Respect– recognising and showing commitment to the Maternity Consumers we represent.

Innovation – challenging and improving connections with Maternity Consumer Networks, maternity professionals, associated organizations and businesses. Professionalism – acting with integrity and transparency

Empowerment – promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness. 



The Objectives



The MCN will be:

- a voice, support and link for maternity consumers from all over Australia, including metropolitans and rural, remote and regional Australia.

- Providing advice to the Federal and State Government on policy issues relevant to the views and circumstances of maternity consumers.

- Contribute to building a positive profile of maternity consumers, their achievements and issues.


- Advocate for effective implementation of the National Services Maternity Plan including:

- Maternity care will be woman centred, reflecting the needs of each woman within a safe and sustainable quality system.

- All Australian women will have access to high-quality, evidence-based, culturally competent maternity care in a range of settings close to where they live.

- Provision of such maternity care will contribute to closing the gap between the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians.

- Appropriately trained and qualified maternity health professionals will be available to provide continuous maternity care to all women.












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